In 1942, a dazzling idea saw the light in the city of Jeddah, in the area of Old Jeddah more specifically.


An ingenuous concept sparkled in the mind of Sheikh Mohammad Obeid Al-Guthmi, who envisioned a new horizon for Home Beauty. His ambition took him to the East and the West to bring back home the best and most stylish curtains, upholstery fabrics and accessories. Sheikh Mohammad’s idea was as big as his ambition. And ambition requires not only great efforts but also passion so that it grows into a success.


Despite the originality of the idea in the Kingdom – due to the lack of home furniture back then, and the use of leather products and derivatives as alternatives – this ambitious young man was able to pave the way and become successful in every step he took.


From a small idea a leading company burgeoned. And in a short time, this company grew to quickly become a synonym for “House of Fashion” and an icon in the field of home decoration and beauty, regionally and internationally.


Our commitment to creativity and innovation has always been our motivation to provide the finest fabrics and accessories by internationally-acclaimed designers, from all over the world.


We are keen to offer you the highest quality products and superior service through our branches located across the Kingdom and major Arab capitals and cities, as well as internationally through a dedicated team.

  • 1941

    Opening of the first branch in Bab Makka, Jeddah. Main business was selling artificial & Natural leathers for car

  • 1951

    Siteen Branch @ Yamama market was a millstone for selling imported Furnishing and curtain fabric

  • 1956

    Kilo 3 Branch Established Al-Guthmi as the pioneer in importing fashionable upholstery and curtain Fabric in the kingdom

  • 1979

    Trimming and accessories were introduced in Al-Guthmi from Spain

  • 1989

    Acquiring Acrimo Agency for rails

  • 1995

    Opening a catalogue factory to promote Al-Guthmi Product line

  • 1999

    Opening of Dubai branch

  • 2000

    Opening of Beirut Branch, Lebanon. Shifted from roll to hangers inside showrooms

  • 2002

    Opening of Sana'a Branch In Yemen

  • 2003

    Enlarge the catalogue factory in order to meet the expansion of Al-Guthmi Market Factory capacity tripled

  • 2004

    Graber Agency

  • 2010

    Kuwait Branch

  • 2012

    Oman branch

  • 2013

    Launching of 2 international brands Cocoon & Murex

  • 2014

    Participate in Hemtextil 2014 with the Al-Guthmi International Branch.

  • 2015

    Opening a branch in Qatar

  • 2016

    Openning of a new branch in Sheikh Zaid Street, Dubai

  • 2016

    Opening of selling point in Bahrain

  • 2017

    Inauguration of 3 new Point of sales in KSA
    Hafar Al Batin
  • 2018

    Opening of Point of sales In United Kingdom

  • 2019

    Participate in Makkah Exhibition For Hotel Furnishing 2019

  • 2020

    Participate in in INDEX Saudi 2020.

To spread beauty, inside the interior spaces of our clients, through those small details that reveal it and make it a source of pride and happiness.
To retain the leadership position in the field of furniture and curtains fabrics and their accessories. And to maintain the name of Al-Guthmi as a synonym for first-class furniture fabrics by offering wide range of innovative and friendly products at affordable prices.

We, at Al-Guthmi apply a set of fundamental values which identify us as well as the nature of the services we offer to our clientele, and also our interaction to work standards we apply, and motivates our employees to always offer the best of services.


Since the inception of Al-Guthmi Company till now, quality as always been the main concern, be it through the products we import from renowned international furniture houses, or by regularly launching innovative and exclusive designs. When we choose a new collection, we pay extra attention to quality and the highest international fabric standards. Each color, detail and design is meticulously selected with suitable accessories.


Over 25 Showrooms
are available for your convenience and our staff is ready to serve you.

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Our catalogues are designed from the inside out by an in-house team of designers and stylists. Professional photography is carefully done to capture the beauty and character of each collection.
Our fabrics feature a vast array of designs and textures. These fabrics compose our collections which are distributed globally and are being tapped by designers in the creation of works of art in homes around the world. Each of our collections are created with the intention of giving a complete package. Different types of fabric are put together to fit every need that may arise.
Tailor made books and hangers are produced to suit customer preference. Mock-up books and hangers are hand crafted to ensure every detail is taken into consideration before production starts.
With thousands of collections to choose from, our color library guarantees we have the colors that you need. From soft pastel colors to bright neon colors and everything else in between, we have it here.
The Creative Team at Al-Guthmi boasts of competent professionals from diverse backgrounds. Brought together from different countries from Asia and Europe, this diverse group of people make up the creative mind of the company.
Quality Control
Al-Guthmi factory is characterized by its spacious interior and new equipments which meet the highest quality and security standards. The factory produces the catalogues of Al-Guthmi exclusive furniture and accessories' collections, in addition to fabric hangers for showroom display
The company has a main warehouse in Jeddah in addition to many depots throughout the Kingdom. This distribution aims to meet the need of our increasing clients and fill the storage in the showrooms. Our warehouses are characterized by their structured operations. The capacity of storage in the main warehouse is 60 thousand square meters approximately, 50 thousand of which are internally, and the remaining quantity is stored externally.
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The Team
600 Employees are ready to serve you
Al-Guthmi employees are the main asset of our company. Their tasks are distributed between the showrooms; where they take care of the clients - and the direct sales representatives who deal with furniture showrooms, upholsters, warehouses and factory employees. When recruiting new employees, the company applies strict requirements in harmony with its nature of work and the needs of its clients.